KSN Sustainability

Kingston Resources is committed to sustainable operations supported by strong health, safety, environmental and community practices. The core requirements for sustainable operations are embedded within Kingston’s values and act as a guide on an individual and corporate level.


Kingston Resources Limited (Kingston or the Company) is committed to managing its activities in an environmentally responsible manner. Through effective management practices, Kingston aims to ensure activities have a minimum impact on the environment

Environmental water monitoring at Misima

Kingston is committed to exploring for minerals in a responsible manner that reflects the expectations of the broader community. High standards of environmental, health and safety management are integrated into all its activities. Kingston strives to protect human health; minimise adverse impact on the natural, social and cultural environment while fostering beneficial outcomes; and return disturbed sites to a state compatible with a healthy environment. Kingston’s ultimate goal is for exploration to lay the foundation for the development, operation and rehabilitation of profitable mines in a manner that respects and responds to the social, environmental and economic needs of present generations and anticipates those of future generations in the communities and countries where it works


Kingston is committed to providing a safe workplace for all it’s employees. Kingston takes seriously its duty of care to its people and their families, business partners and stakeholders. Safe working practices and a culture of safety first is a key feature of Kingston’s operating principles. The company is committed to continuously monitoring and improving its safety practices.


Kingston strives to understand the relationship between its business, its people, shareholders and the community. This dynamic is defined by a two way channel where value, knowledge, respect and co-operation moves back and forth in a reciprocal way. The concept of reciprocity fosters mutual cooperation that is the ultimate driver for the success of all stakeholders.

Examples of Kingston’s contribution to the public good on Misima include:

  • Purchase and supply of alternator to repair broken down hydropower system resulting in the use of electricity again for local people
  • Purchase and supply of driveshaft bearing for hydropower station, ensuring the continual supply of electricity for the local people
  • Purchase and supply of heartrate monitor to Misima Hospital
  • Purchase and supply of essential COVID-19 PPE including face masks, scrubs, hand sanitizer, face shields, temperature reader, gloves & gumboots
  • Regular community meetings to maintain positive relationships with local people as well as educate and inform the community on Kingston’s activities and plans for the project.
  • Open day to local school where children receive presentations from geologists on the geology of Misima Island with demonstration of geological samples.

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