KSN Sustainability

Kingston Resources is committed to sustainable operations supported by strong health, safety, environmental and community practices. The core requirements for sustainable operations are embedded within Kingston’s values and act as a guide on an individual and corporate level.


Kingston is committed to environmentally responsible activities that have minimal impact. It explores for minerals responsibly, integrating high standards of environmental, health, and safety management. Kingston strives to protect human health and minimise adverse impact on the environment, returning disturbed sites to a healthy state. Its ultimate goal is to develop profitable mines while respecting and responding to the social, environmental, and economic needs of present and future generations in the communities where it operates.

Environmental water monitoring at Misima


Kingston is committed to providing a safe workplace for all it’s employees. Kingston takes seriously its duty of care to its people and their families, business partners and stakeholders. Safe working practices and a culture of safety first is a key feature of Kingston’s operating principles. The company is committed to continuously monitoring and improving its safety practices.


Kingston supports the local communities where around the Mineral Hill and Misima operations by hiring locally, buying locally, and actively participating in the local community. Kingston values the relationship between its business, its people, shareholders, and the community.

A two-way channel of value, knowledge, respect, and cooperation fosters mutual success. Kingston has purchased and supplied equipment, such as an alternator and driveshaft bearing for the hydropower station, a heart rate monitor for Misima Hospital, and essential COVID-19 PPE. Regular community meetings and an open day for local schools also maintain positive relationships and educate the community on Kingston’s activities and plans for the project.

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